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  December 14th, 2009 Taline accepts Scholarship to Brown University
The Rochester Gymnastics Academy would like to congratulate Taline Lahcanski and her family on her acceptance to Brown University, where she will compete in gymnastics.  Taline is a level 10 gymnast with RGA, and has qualified to the USAG level 10 JO nationals 3 times.  Taline's ambition is to major in Political Sciences

Taline is coached by Youlia Penev.

Taline Lahcanski Youlia Penev  
  December 12th, 2009 Boys Medal at Candycane Classic

The RGA men's compulsory teams traveled to Buffalo to compete in the Candycane Classic. 

Competing at Level 4, the Team placed 2nd with Ryder Jencick and Simon Narang placing 1st and 2nd AA respectively

Nathan Murray and Rudi Vollo completed the team placing 4th and 6 respectively.

The Level 5 Team took top honors with Oscar Gonzalez, Halston McIntyre, Martin Tchamov, Cheyene Huang and Trevor Blake placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 8th respectively.

Reese Hurwitz, and Riley White, both level 6,  placed 5th and 6th, to give the team a 3rd place finish.


Oscar - 1st


Martin - 3rd

Ryder -1st


Click here to view pictures, click here to se results

  December 6th, 2009 Six for Six for Six at Pinkystone

Six Level Six Girls took the first Six Places and the

Team First Place at the Pinkystone Invitational.

The RGA Level 5 Girls Team had an outstanding

meet with the Team placing 1st Place.

The RGA girls team travelled to Syracuse to compete in the Pinkystone Invitational.  Eveyrone on the team had an outstanding meet, with the Level 5 and 6 team placing 1st All-Around.  Individually, Bridget Rossi (Level 6), Nicole Nobles (Level 5) and Abby Richardson placed 1st all-around. 

For complete results press here.   Click here for some pictures taken at the meet

  December 1st, 2009 New Map created to show Meets for 2009/2010

We have created a Map to show where all our meets for 2009/2010 will be hosted. 

By pressing the link "Team Meet Map" on the lower right of the screen, or clicking "Meet Map" from the Team Menu, you will be given a full size Map of all our Meets for this year.

This map will be kept up to date as more information becomes available from USAG.


View Rochester Gymnastics Academy Meet Map in a larger map
  November 16, 2009 Matthew Blahyj goes all-the-way.
Matthew Blahyj competed in Colorado Springs over the weekend in the National Future Stars Test.  His results placed him in the top 10 and allowing him to be invited to a 1 week all-expenses paid trip to the US Men's Olympic training center.

The Future Stars National Championships features the USA’s best 10-, 11- and 12-year-olds in the United States who perform special Future Stars competitive routines.

Based on the results at the championships, USA Gymnastics identifies the Future Stars Developmental Team, which includes the top 18 gymnasts in both the 10- and 11-year-old divisions and 14 gymnasts in the 12-year-old division. The top nine athletes in the 10- and 11-year-old divisions and the top seven athletes in the 12-year-old division will be invited to a special Future Stars camp to be held at the USOTC next summer.
The Future Stars program is designed is to identify talented athletes and to get them started on the right developmental path to national and international success. The program uses a special competitive routine format to evaluate the skill, strength and flexibility development of the athlete.


  October 11th, 2009 Kevin and Matthew head off to Colorado Springs.
Kevin Penev (pictured Left) and Matthew Blahyj (pictured Right) both qualified to attend the National Future Stars Testing at the Men's National Training center in Colorado Springs in November.   Competing along with Mack, Scott Lazaroff and Oscar Gonzalez at the Regional Test this weekend, Matthew finished 2nd and Kevin finished 3rd, and both boys qualified to the National Test.  Oscar Gonzalez, winning the Still rings, missed the Regional team by 0.2.


October 24th, 2009 RGA Expands to accommodate HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADING.

RGA unveiled its 1600 sf expansion to the gym yesterday to accommodate and cater to high school cheerleading.  The new addition has a 50' x 54' cheerleading surface that is un-sprung, as well as a sprung 8'x50' tumble strip.  This new addition will be used to cater for the High School cheer program, and can be rented out to squads and groups by the hour.  To reserve space, call the gym at (585) 248-3750.

The new addition now gives the gym all three possible types of tumbling surface, those being the traditional spring floor, the foam sprung floor, and the hard surface floor and increases the size of the gym to 21000 sf.  The new area is fully heated, carpeted, and has a more than adequate sound system installed.

July 23, 2009 FALL CLASS SIGN-UP

Fall classes Fill up fast. Call the Gym on (585) 248-3750 to reserve your spot for the fall in our program.

July 8, 2009 Becca signs with IOWA State


Becca recently signed the offer of a full gymnastics scholarship to IOWA STATE University. From all of your extended family here at RGA, Congratulations.

June 8, 2009 Level 5's do what they do best - WIN



Competing against 61 Level 5 Teams in the biggest state meet in NY, the level 5 team missed taking 1st place by 0.05 points (5/100ths of a point.) Every girl on the team contributed to the teams outstanding performance.

The team left to right finished as follows

Tara Beisheim(1st),  Mallory Puschek(1st), Chloe Sarkis(2nd), Kristin Lang (3rd), Anneka Haber(6th), Mikaela Stemen (6th), Nicole Hendee (6th),Sydney Sarkis(10th), Jenna Gooding(13th).

Bridget Rossi could not compete due to Injury.

What makes these results more spectacular, is the fact that there were more that 430 girls competing in this years level 5 state meet.

Click here for a full list of Results.



Top - Left to Right

Eddie Penev(Level 10), Taline Lahcanski(Level10), Rachel Gurnett (Level 9), Matthew Blahyj (Level 7), Owen Houlihan (Level 7), Kevin Penev (Level 6),

Bottom - Left to Right

Kira Hartley (Level 8), Megan Steinkirchner (Level 8), Tori Beisheim (Level 7), Tara Beisheim (Level 5), Mallory Puschek (Level 5)

May 18, 2009 Oscar Gonzalez joins the Men's Level 5 Team

RGA would like to welcome Oscar Gonzalez and his family into the fold.

Oscar was a All-Around runner-up at the 2009 Level 4 NY State Championships and will be joining the Men's team as a potential Level 5 Team member.

May 10, 2009 Joseph Hodges To Compete In VISA Championships

Joseph Hodges (Pictured Left) competed at the 2009 JO Level 10 National Championships.  Needing to place in the top 18 in the country to be invited to compete at the VISA Championships, Joseph competed in the 4-day event and placed 14th in the All-Around, as well as becoming the JO National Bronze medal winner on the Pommel Horse.  Joseph, a Junior, was also vying for the attention of all the top college recruiting coaches present at the competition. Joseph is coached by ex-Bulgarian National, Ivaylo Grahovski (Pictured Right).

For a full list of results, click here


May 10, 2009 Rachel Gurnett is the 2009 National Vault Champion

This past Weekend, Rachel Gurnett (Picture Left) travelled to Tupelo, MS, to compete in the 2009 Level 9 Eastern National Championships.  Rachel finished 14th in the All-Around, and won the Vault with a score of 9.4.  Rachel is coached by ex-Bulgarian National, Youlia Penev (Pictured Right).  For a full list of results, click here.  Click here to view the press coverage from the D+C

 CONGRATULATIONS to our 2009 National Vault Champion

   May 5th, 2009:           Megan Steinkirchner places 2nd at Regionals

Megan Steinkirchner placed 2nd All-Around at the recent Level 8 Regional Championships which took place in Connecticut over the weekend.  Competing against gymnasts from New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York and Maine, Megan put in an almost flawless meet, finishing 3/10ths off the leader
   April 27th , 2009:       Tori Beisheim is the Level 7 State Champion

The Level 7 Girls travelled to Westchester, NY to compete in the Level 7 State Championships.  Tori Beisheim placed 1st in the All-Around scoring at never-seen-before All-Around score of 39.050.  She also missed scoring the perfect 10 on beam by the minutest of foot steps on her dismount and scored 9.975.
Brenna Fosco took 2nd place in the All-Around, Bailey Stehler placed 11th and Hannah Gooding placed 12th in the All-Around.  Unfortunately, with 5 scores counting towards the team score, this was the only meet this year that the Level 7's could not have a team, having gone unbeaten the whole year.
   April 15th , 2009:       3 more National Qualifiers


Left to Right: Taline Lahcanski - Level 10, Becca Ellis - Level 10, Rachel Gurnett - Level 9

Level 9 – Rachel Gurnett (pictured Right) placed 2nd at the Regional Championships, to earn herself a spot on the Regional team to compete at the 2009 Level 9 JO National Championships.

Level 10 – Taline Lahcanksi (Pictured Left) won the Regional Championships, placing 1st on all disciplines.  Taline will lead the Regional team to Washington State to compete at the Level 10 JO National Championships.  Rebecca Ellis (Pictured Center, placed 2nd in the level 10 Regional Championships, also earning herself a spot on the Level 10 Junior Olympic National Team.

View all results here.

   May 5th, 2009: Tchamov and Huang win NY State Titles

Martin (Marti) Tchamov placed 4th place All-Around at the Mens Level 4 NY State Championships.

Marti was 1st on High Bar, 2nd on Still Rings, 3rd Place on Vault and Pommel Horse

  Cheyene (Shay-Shay) Huang placed 1st on Vault at the 2009 Mens Level 4 NY State Championships
   April 15th , 2009: Eddie Penev is Recognized internationally

Eddie Penev has just stepped into the international limelight being acknowledged as a future world gymnastics contender by the author and founder of the "International Gymnast Magazine"   To view the article - Click here.

   April 5th , 2009: Regional and National Qualifiers

RGA had gymnasts competing all around the world this weekend.

Competing in Milan, Italy, Eddie placed 8th on Floor at the European Championships in Milan, Italy.

Competing in Rochester, NY at the 2009 NY State championships, Kira Hartley and Megan Steinkirchner, each placed 1st in their age divisions to be crowned state champions.  Megan and Kira are both members of the State team to compete at the Regional Championships in Connecticut.  Maddie Schaeffer qualified to the regional All-stars team.

Competing in Pennsylvania at the 2009 Men's Regional Championships, Joseph Hodges, pictured to the left,  placed 3rd in the region, to earn himself a spot on the Men's 2009 Regional Team to compete at the National Championships.  Level 9 gymnast, Mack Lasker, also qualified to compete at the National Championships
   April 4th , 2009: Eddie Penev competes at the European championships in Milan, italy.

Eddie Penev competed at the 2009 European

championships over the weekend. 

Representing Bulgaria, competing on Floor and

Vault, he earned himself a place in the finals on

floor, where he placed 8th.


CONGRATULATIONS from all of us at RGA


Click this link to view his floor routine.

   March30th , 2009: Level 9 +10 Girls State Championships


Left to Right: Taline Lahcanski - Level 10, Becca Ellis - Level 10, Rachel Gurnett - Level 9

Level 9 – Rachel Gurnett dominated the Level 9 State Championships, Winning Gold on Vault, Beam, Floor, and also won the All-Around State Championships. 

Level 10 – Taline Lahcanksi, coming off an 8 week injury, won the All-Around State Championship title, claiming possession of the Gold on Bars and Beam.  Becca Ellis placed 6th in the All-Around.


Taline, Becca, Oni and Rachel qualified to the Regional Championships to take place in Boston.

  March16th , 2009: IVO GRAHOVSKI - NY State Coach of the Year

Ivaylo Grahovski was unanimously voted as the New York State Men’s Gymnastics Coach of the Year  by all coaches and judges in New York State. 

Ivo has been the men’s competitive team head coach at the Rochester Gymnastics Academy for the past 8 years.

Ivaylo (Ivo) Grahovki, born in Sofia, Bulgaria was a member of the Bulgarian National Men's Team from 1990-2000.
  March16th , 2009: RGA Boys Qualify to the Regional Cahmpionships


Top: Eddie Penev - Level 10, Matthew Blahyj - Level 7

Bottom: Owen Houlihan - Level 7, Kevin Penev - Level 6


The Level 10 team, comprising of Eddie Penev, Keaton Ackerman, Joseph Hodges and Andrew Grabowski Placed 1st in the Team championships.

The Level 7 team, comprising of Matthew Blahyj, Owen Houlihan, Aaron Appelle and Scott Lazeroff Placed 1st in the Team championships.

The Level 5 team, comprising of Jake Glazer, Connor Slater, Chance Edmonds and Riley White Placed 3rd in the Team championships.


All the boys competing at the NY State Championships qualified to the REGIONAL Championships

  February 16th , 2009: 2009 Rochester Classic

RGA would like to thank all gymnasts, coaches and parents for attending the 2009 Rochester Classic.  The meet went off very successfully with the help and dedication of a fantastic parent volunteer staff.

A special word of thanks to Copper Grass Bistro for donating all the Meals for the Judges and Coaches


Congratulations to New Generation on becoming our Women' Club Champions.

Congratulations to Kennett Gymnastics on becoming the Men's Club Champions


Please click here for the full list of results

The Link for 'Fantastic Photo' has all the pictures of the meet

Click here for the meet Summary for the Rochester Classic.


  February 9th , 2009: RGA Boys Team compete at Polar Bear Meet

The boys had a very successful meet in Syracuse, NY.  All boys contributed to their respective team scores

Level 4 – The level 4’s competing for the first time, Marti Placed 3rd on P-Bars, Cheyenne placed 2nd on High Bar.

Level 5 – The level 5 boys won 2nd place with Riley White, chance Edmonds and Connor Slater placing 1st, 3rd and 4th consecutively.

Level 6 – The level 6 team placed 2nd with Kevin and Dylan taking the 1st and 2nd spots.

Level 7 – The Level 7 team placed 1st place in the team competition with Matthew, Aaron taking 1st place AA, Scott and Owen placing 3rd place AA.

Level 9 – Mack Lasker placed 5th AA




Click here for the meet Summary for the Polar Bear.


  February 9th , 2009: RGA Team successful in Binghamton at I LOVE NY CUP

Level 4 – The level 4 team placed 4th, with Karissa taking 3rd place in the All-Around.  Abigail Richardson won Uneven Bars.

Level 5 – The level 5 girls won the Team competition with Mikaela, Bridget, Mallory, Chloe, Tara and Sydney placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th respectively

Level 6 – Maya, the sole representative for RGA at level 6, placed 5th AA

Level 7 – The Level 7 team continued with their winning performance by claiming the level 7 team title.  Natalie, Tori, Bailey, Brenna, Hannah and Skylar placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4tf, 5th and 8th respectively.

Level 8- The level 8 team, plagued with injuries placed 2nd AA as a team, with Megan winning the AA 1st place.  Maddie Schaeffer and Brittany Blose both placed 3rd AA.  Laura Scott, competing only on Uneven Bars kept her unbeaten record.

Level 9 – Rachel Gurnett had the perfect meet to place 1st AA and 1st on all disciplines

Level 10 – Oni Continued her winning streak, Placing 1st . on all events and 3rd on Floor, at the same time winning the all-Around

Click here for the meet Summary for the Girls.

Click here for the full meet results.


  January 25, 2009: RGA Team travels to Orlando, FL
The boys and girls team travelled down to Orlando, FL, to compete with some 2300 odd gymnasts from around the country.  The girls and boys level 10's were outstanding with Eddie and Taline placing 1st AA.  The level 7 team placed 3rd out of 38 in there category, and 4th out of 54 teams all together.  Brenna, Tori and Natalie placed 1,2,3 respectively.  Rachel Gurnett placed 1st AA in Level 9

Click here for the meet Summary for the Boys.

Click here for the meet Summary for the Girls.

Click here for the full meet results.


  January 19, 2009: Boys Shine at Goldstar Invitational

Several weeks ago the Boys team traveled to Buffalo for the 11th Annual Goldstar meet.

Keaton Ackerman took 2nd AA for level 10.

For level 6 Kevin Penev was 1st AA. 

The level 7 team took the AA title with Matthew Blahyj and Owen Houlihan each placing 1st AA in their respective age groups, Scott Lazeroff placing 3rd AA and 2 individual 1sts for Aaron Appelle. 

The Level 5's took 4th place for team with Riley finishing 1st AA and Connor and Chance adding strong performances. 

Click here for the meet Summary


  January 19, 2009: Another successful meet at the Leatherstocking Invitational
This was the first time RGA had entered a level 4 team in any meet, and the girls did outstanding placing 3rd.  The Level 6, 7 and 8 team took 1st place team, while the Level 10 team placed 3rd.

Click here for the meet Summary


  January 12, 2009: Meet results for Janet Rottenberg Memorial
Rebecca Ellis was the proud recipient of the 2009 Janet Rottenberg memorial award, offered to a Senior displaying excellence in both the academic, volunteer and gymnastics fronts.

Becca also brought home the 1st place All-Around trophy in the level 10 Senior division.

The Level 7 team placed 2nd with  Tori Beisheim, Brenna Fosco, Natalie Gurnett and Hannah Gooding Placed 1st, 2nd , 4th and 5th respectively.

The Level 8 team placed 1st with Brittany Blose, Alex Liberti and Megan Steinkirchner placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Maddie Schaefer placed 1st  in the Junior  Age Division.

The level 10 girls brought home the 1st place team award with Becca Ellis placing 1st and Taline Lahcanski placing 2nd in the Snr Age Division. Oni Timothy placed 1st in the Jnr Age division.

Click here for the meet Summary