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Aug 28 , 2010

Oni and Rachel invited to Texas


Oni Timothy and Rachel Gurnett were invited to attend the US National Training Camp over the Weekend of September 10-12 at the National Training Center in Houston Texas.

Aug 18 , 2010

National TOPS Testing Qualifiers

CONGRATULATIONS to Abby Richardson, Alexis Lukaszewicz and Mallory Puschek, on qualifying to the National TOPS Testing to take place at the US National Training center in Texas in October.

TOPs (Talent Opportunity Program), is a talent search and educational program for female gymnasts ages 7-11 and their coaches. During the months of June and July gymnasts are evaluated on physical abilities at the regional level. From there, athletes are invited to participate in the National TOP test that is conducted in the month of October where they will be evaluated on the same physical abilities tests along with some basic gymnastics skills. Athletes are then invited to participate in the National TOP Training camp which takes place in December of each year.

June 5 , 2010

RGA Level 4 NY State TEAM Champions

CONGRATULATIONS to the RGA Level Team on winning the 2010 NYS Team Championships.   RGA Won the NY State Team Championships for Level 4, 5, 6, and level 10

May 23 , 2010

RGA Level 5 NY State TEAM Champions

CONGRATULATIONS to the RGA Level 5 team, who successfully kept their unbeaten record this year by winning the NYS TEAM Championships.  The girls swept the top spots on the podium in almost every age division in the All-Around.  

In the 7-8 Age division,  Abby Richardson - 1st, Alexis Lukaszewicz - 2nd, Paige Lind - 3rd and Abby Hopfinger - 4th.  Katie Le Claire and Gracie Kittreman placed 19th and 20th respectively. Caroline Wirth rounded off the team with a score of 34.4 AA. 

In the 9-year old age division, Cami Fletcher - 1st, Katie Hill - 1st, Maya Kraus - 2nd and Elizabeth Dodd - 3rd. 

In the 10-year old age division, Sophia Lieber - 4th and Claire Narang - 5th.  Samantha  Bonsignore placed 20th in the AA. 

In the 12-year old age division, Danielle Nobles placed 2nd.

May 16 , 2010

RGA Level 6 NY State TEAM Champions

CONGRATULATIONS to the RGA Level 6 team. The five RGA girls beat 47 other teams from NY to win the state TEAM title.  With 5 scores making up the team score, RGA needed every score of each girl to ensure these girls were the best team in NY state. Mallory Puschek and Kristen Lang won the individual AA State titles in each of there respective age groups. Mallory scored a season high 39.1 AA

April 25 , 2010

Joseph Hodges receives Full Ride to UIC

Joseph Hodges, a Senior at Webster Christian High School, received a full Gymnastics Scholarship to the University of Illinois at Chicago.


April 12 , 2010

2010 MENS NATIONAL Qualifiers

   Joseph       Keaton      Andy       Grant        Chris        Mack    

The full Level 10 team from the RGA qualified to the Junior Olympic National Championships over the weekend.   In the 16-18 year old division, Joseph Hodges placed 7th in the AA to earn a spot on the 2010 Regional Team to compete at the National Championships in Tennessee.  Joining him in the 16-18 year old division will be Andrew Grabowski.  In the 14-15 year old Division, Keaton Ackerman qualified to Nationals by finishing 8th AA.  He missed becoming a member of the Regional team by 3 tenths of a point.  At level 9, Grant McConnaughy, Chris Tricard and Mack Lasker all qualified to the men's Level 9 JO National Championships.  Kevin Penev, Level 7, placed 3rd in the All-Around at the 2010 Regional Championships.    Click here for full results.

April 12 , 2010

2010 WOMENS NATIONAL Qualifiers

   Taline          Oni           Rachel     Elizabeth      Therese

The full Level 10 team from the RGA qualified to the Junior Olympic National Championships over the weekend.   The Girls from RGA won the All-Around titles in every age-group they competed in. Rachel Gurnett Won the Regional Championships in the Jr A division, with Elizabeth Gangale placing 4th.   In the Jr B age-division, Oni Timothy won the All-Around with Therese Banks placing 3rd.  In the Sr B age division, Taline Lahcanski won the All-Around, as well as every individual event. 

The regional championships pitted gyms from all over NY, NH, CT, VT, RI, Maine against each other with girls in the top 7 qualifying to the national Championships to be help in Dallas, Tx in May.  Click here for Full Results.

April 11 , 2010

2010 Compulsory Men's Regionals

   Halston         Martin       Oscar

The men's level 5 and 6 team traveled to Richmond, VA, to compete against boys from 7 other states in the 2010 Compulsory Regional Championships.  Competing at level 5, Halston McIntyre placed 1st AA, with Martin Tchamov placing 2nd and Oscar Gonzalez placing 4th all-Around.

The full list of results can be found here.

April 4 , 2010

Mens NY State Championships

  Kevin         Keaton       Joseph          Oscar          Ryder

Kevin Penev, Level 7, won the Level 7 NY State Championship over the weekend.  Joseph Hodges and Keaton Ackerman, both placed 2nd in the AA for Level 10.  Competing in level 5, Oscar Gonzalez placed 2nd in NY state.  Ryder Jencik, a level 4 gymnast, also placed 2nd in the NY state Championships.

The RGA Level 5 boys, won the NY State Team championships.  The Level 9 men won the 2nd place team title as did the level 10 men.

March 28 , 2010

Level 8 State Championships

  Bailey       Natalie        Tori        Maddie    Hannah   Megan 

Congratulations to Megan Steinkircher who won the Level 8 State Championships (15+ age division).  By winning 1st AA, Megan earned a spot on the NY State Team to compete in the Regional Championships in Boston.  Joining Megan in Boston, is the Level 8 AA Runner up, Natalie Gurnett.  Natalie placed 2nd AA in the 8-12 year and Beam.   Her beam score of 9.9 was the highest score in the NY State championships.  Madeline Schaeffer earned a spot onto the NY State all-star team to compete at the Regional Championships.  Madeline Schaeffer, Hannah Gooding and Bailey Stehler helped the RGA girls claim the 3rd place in the team Championships.
March 22 , 2010 Level 10 State Championships

                                      Rachel         Oni         Taline       Therese      Elizabeth

The Level 10 team took the top honors on Sunday at the NY State Championships, taking the All-Around titles in both age groups, as well as earning the title of NY state Team Champions.  In a very tough contested Junior age division, Rachel Gurnett was the NY state Beam Champion and the AA champion.  Oni Timothy earned the title as NY State Floor Champion, and placed 5th AA.  Therese Banks placed 6th AA.  In the Senior division, Taline Lahcanski won the title of NY State AA Champion.  Taline also won the NY state title on Floor with a score 9.750.
Feb 10th , 2010 RGA Welcomes Therese & Ellie to the Team
Teresa Banks

RGA is happy to welcome Teresa into the Girls Level 10 Team.  Teresa is a grade 9 student, loves fashion and is home schooled. Teresa and her parents commute into Rochester from Ithaca every day. Teresa's Parents are Veronica and Art.


Elizabeth Dodd

RGA is happy to welcome Elizabeth into the Girls Level 5 Team.  Elizabeth is 9 years old, loves to play with her Bulldog Puppy called Martha, of course, loves Gymnastics .   Her parents are Gail and Brad. 

March 7th, 2010 2010 Niagara Cup and Stumpfs Local Meet

Congratulations to all the girls who traveled to Buffalo for the 2010 Niagara Cup

The Level 5, Level 6  and Level 8 girls team took the top honors.  The Level 4 Team placed 3rd.  Level 4: Team Placed 3rd with Maddie Garner  winning the All-Around .

The level 5 (7-9 year old girls) rocked the top of the AA podium at the 2010 Niagara Cup with Abby Richardson, Alexis Lukaszewicz, Cami Fletcher,  Katie Hill and Paige Linde taking the top 5 spots.  Level 6: Team placed 1st with Mallory, Chloe, Kristin, Jenna and Sydney taking the top 5 places.  Level 8: Team placed 1st with Tori Beisheim placing 1st All-around, and Natalie Gurnett placing 3rd.  Level 10 Team placed 1st with Oni,  Taline and Rachel placing  1st , 2nd and 3rd All-Around in a very TOUGH level 10 competition.  Taline was the only gymnast to qualify to all 4 Event Finals.  Full Results can be found here

Congratulations to Kevin Penev (Level 7) and Owen Houlihan (Level9) on winning the Individual All-Around Titles at the Men's Stumpf's local meet over the weekend. Jack Vollow (Level 7) and Matthew Blahyj (Level 9) placed 3rd All-Around. At level4, Ryder Jencik and Nathan Murray won the AA  in their respective age divisions, while in Level 5,  Oscar Gonzalez won the All-Around Title.

February 23rd, 2010 Rochester Classic
Our thanks go out to all parents, coaches and gymnasts who attended and participated in the 2010 Rochester Classic.  The boys team placed 1st in all levels.  The girls level 4 team placed 3rd, and 1st in level 10, 8, 6 and 5. 

Gary Gregory from CNY gymnastics won the prize for most successful visiting women's coach at the meet, while Dimitre Dimitrov from Kennett's gymnastics won the prize for most successful visiting Men's Coach.

Photo's of the meet can be ordered from Fantastic Foto's

Results can be found here.


February 10th , 2010 RGA Welcomes Aubrey and Nicole to the Team
Aubrey Ouderkirk

RGA is happy to welcome Aubrey into the Girls Level 4 Team.  Aubrey is 8 years old and loves swimming, biking and her new puppy.  She has a brother and a sister.  Her parents are Dave and Barb


Nicole Engster

RGA is happy to welcome Nicole into the Girls Level 4 Team.  Nicole is 8 years old, loves horse riding, and will be in riding Equestrian this summer  .   Her parents are Robert and Stephanie.

February 7th , 2010 Level 5 and 6 Men's Team reign supreme in Syracuse
The Men's Compulsory teams traveled to Syracuse to compete in the 2010 Polar Bear Invitational.  Under the guidance of Coach Gary, the level 5 men won the first place Team, and the Level 6 team placed 4th.  The level 4 team placed 1st.

Click here for the Meet Summary. To see some pictures click here

February 1st , 2010 Latest Video's of our team

Matthew Blahyj was recently acknowledged on RNEWS for his achievements in Future Stars - WAY TO GO MAT

Tim LeClaire (Level 5 Katie's Dad) made a video of the 2008/2009 Level 4 team

Tim LeClaire (Level 5 Katie's Dad) made a video of the 2009/2010 Level 5 team

Eddie Penev wins All-Around for Stanford

January 30th, 2010 First All-Around in all age division's in all levels

The  girls traveled to Binghamton to compete in the 2010 I Love NY Cup.  WOW – WHAT A MEET

We won the All-around in Every age-division in each level we competed.

Level 4: Team Placed 3rd with Rachel, Holly, Abby and Gwenneth placing 1,2,3 and 4.  Isabella Karpovich placed 3rd .

Level 5: Team placed 1st with Claire, Nicole, Katie and Abby R winning the AA in each of the 4 Age divisions. 

Level 6: Team placed 1st with Kristin and Mallory winning the AA, and the other 4 team members, Chloe, Bridget,  Jenna and Sydney placing 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively.

Level 7: In Skylar’s first competition in over a year, she placed 3rd AA.

Level 8: Team placed 1st with Tori, Natalie Maddie and Hanna placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 3rd All Around.

Level 9: Sydney placed 2nd all around

Level 10 Team placed 1st with Oni and Taline winning the All around, and Rachel placing 2nd.


Click here for the Meet Summary.  Click here for a full listing of results.

January 25th, 2010 Florida feels the impact of upstate NY

The RGA Boys and Girls teams traveled to Orlando, Florida over the weekend to compete in the Sand Dollar Whitlow Invitational where over 3000 gymnasts from around the country got together.

Men: Level 5 team placed 4th.  Ryder Jencik (Level 4) took the AA honors.  Oscar Gonzalez won the Level 5 AA title with Halston McIntyre placing 3rd.  Owen Houlihan was the runner-up at level 9.  In the level 10 division, Joseph Hodges placed 4th


Women: Level 6's placed 2nd as a team with Mallory Puschek, Kristin Lang, Bridget Rossi placing 1st, 2nd and 2nd respectively. At Level 8, Tori Beisheim won the AA with Natalie Gurnett placing 3rd.  Sydney Quinlan, level 9 placed 3rd AA.  The Level 8 team placed 4th out of some 70 odd teams.  All our 3 level 10's placed in the top 3 with Rachel Gurnett placing 2nd, Oni Timothy and Taline Lahcanski placed 3rd.


Click here for the Meet Summary


January 17th, 2010 RGA Girls triumphant in 2 states

The RGA Girls teams traveled to Scranton, PA and Utica, NY over the weekend.

In Scranton, The level 6 team, level 8 team and level 10 team won the 1st place AA.

Taline won the Level 10 AA in the Sr Age division.  Rachel and Oni placed 1st, and 2nd AA in the Jr Division.

At level 8, Maddie and Tori placed 1st AA in their respective age divisions.

At Level 6, Chloe Sarkis, and Kristen Land placed 1st AA in their 2 age divisions.

Click here for pictures.


In Utica, NY, the level 5 team won the 1st place AA.

Detailed results to follow

At Level 5, age 7-9, Abby R, Paige, Katie, Cami, Alexis, Gracie and Karissa placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 6th, 7th and 9th  place respectively in the AA.  At Level 5, age 10-11, Nicole won the AA title.

At level 4, Holly Placed 3rd, Isabella placed 4th in the  AA.

Click here for pictures.  Click here for the Meet Summary


January 10th, 2010 Boys Medal at Goldstar Invitational

The RGA Men's team traveled to Niagara Falls to compete in the Goldstar Invitational.  Teh results for the meet were spectacular.

Level 4 : 1st Place Team.  Ryder Jencik, Nathan Murray, Simon Narang and Rudi Vollo Placed 1st in their AA in their respective Age-Groups

Level 5: 1st Place Team. Oscar Gonzalez and Halston McIntyre placed 1st AA in their respective Age-Groups

Level 7: 2nd Place Team. Kevin Placed 1st AA

Level 9: 1st place Team

Level 10: 1st Place Team with Joseph Hodges taking the AA title.

Click here for Pictures. Click here for a list of results.