COVID-19 PROTOCOLS FOR THE ROCHESTER CLASSIC: The Rochester Classic has been running for 15 years now.  We would hate to NOT run the meet, but we must do what is necessary to be safe and responsible.  Unfortunately, due to the Pandemic, we are NOT able to use our regular Convention Venue.  We will be moving the WOMENS portion of the meet into our own gym.  The MENS portion of the meet will however, NOT be taking place this year .  We our sincerely appologetic for the changes, but believe us, we tried everything in our power, to get the external venue.
REFUNDS: If a competition is cancelled due to something outside of the control of RGA(such as local/state ordinance or facility issues, etc.), then refunds will be offered as follows: –> More than 2 weeks before a competition begins, 100% of entry fees minus reasonable expenses* –> Less than 2 weeks before a competition begins, 75% of entry fees minus reasonable expenses* Reasonable expenses can be defined as facility rental fees/deposits, equipment rental fees/deposits, perishable items, etc. 
VENUE CONSIDERATIONS: The venue will NOT be selling concessions. Everyone will have their temperature taken upon entry into the Gym. Everyone will be expected to wear a MASK in the Gym. Just as you have the right NOT to wear a mask, we have the right to restrict admittance into the venue. This is for the safety of yourself, your child, and everyone in the Venue.  We will ENTER through 1 set of doors, and exit through the side of the venue. We will NOT allow spectators to enter the venue, until we have cleared out the previous rotation, and Sanitized everything.
MEET CONSIDERATIONS: Sessions will be smaller to allow for fewer people in the Venue. I have limited the numbers per level to 40 gymnasts. This means our numbers are reduced by more than 200% We have reduced the meet registration fee from $100 to $60 to help out during these trying times. Our Bars and Beam rotations will be held in Separate rooms in our gym. We will allow parents to move to these separate room. (These are not actually rooms, but areas the size of a competition floor).  This will help keep numbers reduced, and also allow for a better spread of people throughout the facility. We will supply Chalk.  If you wish to bring your own, feel free to do so. Equipment will be sprayed down between sessions with an antibacterial spray.
COACHES CONSIDERATIONS: Coaches food will not be the smorgasbord we normally have – SORRY . We will have ‘closed’ drinks, food-stuff and eats available, but open food like we normally supply will not be available. We will require coaches to wear masks during the competition. We have a special request from coaches and gyms: You know if your kids/parents have health issues.  If there was anyone in your team that has health issues, PLEASE DO NOT bring them to the meet.  This is especially important if a family member of the competitor has been sick .
PERSONAL CONSIDERATIONS: Everyone will have their temperature taken on entry to the building. We will expect all attending the meet, to wear a MASK in the Arena. We ask that you exit the building as soon as possible after the meet, so we can sanitise for the next group.
COMPETITOR CONSIDERATIONS: The facility has over 25,000 sf of space. We will keep gyms together in 1 squad to allow for a ‘POD-LIKE’ approach to the meet.  We will have gyms keep a distance between each other. MASKS will be worn into the venue, but we DO NOT expect athletes to wear them on the competition floor.  
AUDIENCE SOCIAL DISTANCING: We are permitting 1 spectator PER gymnast.  We will be rather strict on this, but their are always mitigating circumstances. Parents will move to different rooms to watch Bars, and Beam. We will space chairs apart, please do not move them closer to each other. Scores will be available online at For those that cannot make it to watch, we will be displaying the 4 events via a ZOOM session. ONLY the first 100 participants will be allowed access. We will not be responsible for lags, or broken video transmission. It is what it is. ZOOM Sessions for each day are as follows:
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